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Coffee Addict? Me? Well… Maybe…

It all started on a school trip to Rome that the school’s priest, Father James, organised each year. It was the last night and he was moving to a different school the following year so I knew it would also be the last time I would visit the city I loved for a long time. We were having dinner in a little Italian restaurant, sitting on great big, thick wooden tables that looked older then time itself. I was sitting with a few other girls round this table that would not have looked out of place with King Arthur and his knights. None of us liked coffee save for this one girl.

Problem? This lovely little restaurant gave a frees Italian coffee with each meal. So there was this one girl on our table with four extra coffees in front of her and I felt bad about adding mine to the pile. And really, if you don’t like coffee in Italy, then you REALLY don’t like it. So I tried it.

It was beautiful.

And henceforth came my obsession with coffee. Well, so says everyone else.

Now, I must stress that I don’t have it every do fay of the week, but rarely will I go into town without coming away with a cup or sitting in a coffee shop with a book and a keen earwigging ear listening to what is going on around me.

I don’t NEED coffee; it’s just that I love the taste of it, the way it warms you up no matter the temperature and, for me, the simple process of making and drinking a coffee off of my machine at home is so relaxing and therapeutic. Now, I don’t mean those tassimo machines or percolators; I have a proper machine and I know how to use it. :-)

Not only that, I love the atmosphere of a coffee shop almost as much as that of a good bookshop.

THEY are the reasons I drink so much coffee, NOT because I am a coffee addict (I’m speaking to you DAD!!)

Ten years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you haven’t done than by the things you have, so throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

– Mark Twain.

Cold is just a feeling…

I always remember reading a book as a child, though can’t for the life of me remember which, where in one of the characters said to another that he was cold but it doesn’t matter as to be cold is just a feeling. Now, I’m not saying that it was particularly wise due to the possibility of pneumonia, hypothermia and general death. But the message I took from that passage was that what you feel is just your body telling you what is going on.

Cold IS just a feeling that you can get through, though if your fingers were to start turning blue I might suggest you seek out a fire.

Because of this little sentence in a book, many a time will people find me sitting in a freezing house or walking home in the pouring rain without an umbrella. And it’s also the reason that when I got a tattoo on the top of my foot, I was more interested in the paintings around the room and how the vibrations of the needle were making my toes tickle. Thanks to that little sentence, both my mum and the tattoo artist think I’m a headcase.

Books have had such a big impact in my life and on the person I am today that I worry for those who do not read. Where do their influences come from? I’ve read about heroines and heroes, people with unimaginable burdens, people who have made the biggest,hardest decisions and so on. I am who I am because if these stories and I worry about other generations that may not be so book-orientated.

Am I alone here?

I hope not. :-\

It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live

– Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Umm… Continuing on… five things that would take guts for ME

Y’know, after googling things that take guts and finding absolutely no ideas relevant to me I never actually thought about my own little list; so here it is!

Five things that would be hard for me to do:

1. Drive my ped down the A2
Because I only have a CAT license, I can’t have a ped over a certain power, which also means that I can’t go on the motorway but I can go on A Roads and B Roads
However, I have never had the courage to go on much more than the ring road, which is scary enough on its own

2. Touching a dog while he’s eating
Our puppy before Ronnie was called Odin and he was a good dog apart from that he was food aggressive and no one could go near him whilst eating.
Though, with hindsight, it may have been linked to an illness he had.
Because of this, I physically can’t go near a dog whilst eating

3. Dating
I think it takes real guts to get in a relationship, a REAL relationship not just sex, and I have a love-hate relationship (no pun intended ;-) ) with the idea.

4. Moving out
I will be moving from home and into a dorm room a couple hundred miles from home this September. Holy shit!!! What am I gonna do?!
So excited at the same time but nervous.

5. Walking home in the dark
What perverted as shoes could be lurking around the corner?! o_O

So there are my top five things I’m a wee bit scared to do. What are yours? You might be surprised what they turn out to be! ;-)

Ronnie!!!! :-D

Ronnie!!!! :-D

Is having guts courage or not giving a damn?

Out of a bout of sheer boredom, I found myself googling the most random things and finding that the net actually had the answers for me… Sortof

And what did I google? Things that take guts.

And what was I rewarded with? Quite a few things that I do or have done, funnily enough.

Now, this isn’t me saying how brave I am or anything self-worshiping like that, you’d laugh at the prospect if you knew me, but what I am saying is if these simple things do take guts, then to have guts must be relative to who you are.

For instance, why would it take one person an obscene amount of guts to simply go to the cinema alone? I do; I wanna see a film and can’t find anyone else who does or can’t find someone else who is free when I am etc, so I go see it on my own. The person behind the cinema counter may think I’m some loner, sad or some other mores demeaning thoughts, but they don’t know me. I could be a top cinema critic for all they know, or I may be a mystery shopper assessing their service, or I may be a highly paid blogger writing reviews on new films. How would they know? And if they really were to make me feel bad… Well, that’s what feedback sites and suggestion boxes are for, particularly if you take note of the employee’s name.

I found other suggestions, like being a waitress (not done but did a coffee shop trial shift), flown alone (I flew to Spain and back alone when I was 18), have a ‘me’ day (surely the guts lie in NOT having a ‘me’ day) and so on.

So, what I’m saying is that what takes monumental courage for one person may not be that big a deal to another. So why do we give those sidelong looks to people in this situation?

My mum and stepdad are extremely anti-social-networking, especially Facebook. It was a big deal for me to get a Facebook account at the age of 17, though when I mentioned it to a friend, she looked at me like I had been an idiot and that I wasn’t a big deal. Well, she who shall not be named, it bloody well was for me! I sat starting at the sign up page for ages before I decided to make an account. And, after a few months, I got bored of the site and moved on to other things. Though I still have security settings tighter than Hampton court palace so that none of my family, repeat NONE, will be able to tie me to the account in any way whatsoever unless I accept a friend request from them. I don’t even have a profile pic of me; it’s of my old dog when he was a puppy.

Not quite sure where I was going with this post, but I guess the overall message is to not be judgemental when someone thinks they have achieved some great feat that, in your opinion, was nothing more miraculous than sneezing into a tissue instead of your hand.

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